Re-Establishing a Relationship with Samara

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Subprime

The PAX: Major Payne, Noodle, 90210 and FNG Shark-Bait

WU: SSH (25), Imperial Walkers (20), Cherry Pickers (12), Walk-out Merkins (2) and Partner Stretches

Thang 1: 100 Yards x 2. Leg 1: Zombie Walk with 2 Soccer Balls (2 burpees if you drop a ball). Leg 2: Side-Step Walk with 2 Soccer Balls (5 push-ups if you drop a ball).

Thang 2: PAX mosey’d over to Samara (1,014 lb tire) and divided into Tire Squad and Timer Squad.
Evolution 1: Tire: Overhead Sledgehammer on Samara / Timer: Run around parking lot and basketball court. Rotate Squads and Repeat.
Evolution 2: Tire: Step Ups / Timer: People Chair with Steering Wheel (Soccer Ball) – 90 seconds. Rotate Squads and Repeat.
Evolution 3: Tire: Derkins / Timer: 30 Dips. Rotate Squads and Repeat.

Thang 3: Tire Flip Samara back to her home. Rotate one person out at a time. PAX not flipping is walking like and Egyptian.

Mary: 1. Sit ups with soccer balls 2. Boat/Canoes with soccer balls

Major Payne is guest hosting a podcast for SPARTAN RACE at West Point on August 24th. Also planning to do the Spartan Sprint. Any interested PAX should reach out to Major Payne all quick-like!

FNG Shark-Bait (formerly known as Ashley Gregory) was bestowed with her F3 name after an incredibly strong morning and not making fun of us (too much).

COT: Challenged PAX to a random act of kindness to a colleague, classmate, stranger or anyone that seems like they need a little help. The smallest act of generosity can mean a huge difference to someone that is struggling.

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