Six station GRINDER!

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj. Payne

The PAX: Jenner, Noodle, Subprime, HorsePunch, Hightower, 90210, PrenupIMG_2101

YHC posted a pre-blast for the PAX, which was simply a schematic for the payne to come. Eight brave souls posted in the gloom.  Here’s what we did.


SSH x 20
10 x IW
SSH x 15
10 x LBAC front and rear
SSH x 10
Merkins x 10

The Thang 1: Modified four corners, with six stops – The Grinder! 20 min AMRAP around the football field.

Station 1: 30 x Battleropers
Bear Crawl to…
Station 2: 15 x DB/KB Overhead Presses
Mosey to…
Station 3: 10 x Burpees
Lunge walk to…
Station 4: 15 x No wall wallballs with 20# medicine balls
Bear Crawl to…
Station 5: 20 x KB Swing (PAX choice of 35# or 45# KB)
Mosey to…
Station 6: 20 x Merkins!
Lunge walk to Repeato!!

PAX made it around the horn about two times. Good smoke sesh, but YHC was not finished.

Thang 2: Mosey to b-ball courts behind the school where the PAX performed the following routine:

15 x Aussie Merkins
15 x BWS
10 x Aussie Merkins
10 x BWS
5 x Aussie Merkins
5 x BWS

Mosey back to Patriot Field for a quick Mary and finish.

COT: Thanks for coming out into the gloom to make yourself stronger. Hitting it hard breaks us all down, but makes us better both physically and mentally. Look for opportunities to invite others out to share in the misery. Their presence will make them better, and it will improve the strength of the whole PAX. Amen!

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