F3 does F1: Formula 1 Driver Training

When: 6/29/2018

Q: Subprime

The PAX: Major Payne, Prenup, Horsepunch, Hightower, Bone, Jenner, Speedo, Sinker, NAFTA, Pyro (DR from F3 Jacksonville).

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Seal Claps, Inchworm out to stretch calves with 10 merkins at the bottom and “walk” it back up. Quick partner stretches: pull partners arms backward while he faces away, quad stretches.

Formula One is the world’s premier motorsport (background chuckles and potential mumblechatter disagreement). F1 cars and the drivers in them reach speeds of 320 km/h, are subjected to 6G’s and tens of billions of dollars go into R+D each year, thus proving the previous statement. The Formula One 2018 season is in full swing – the French Grand Prix was last weekend, the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend and the British Grand Prix the following weekend. Today’s workout is “Driver Training” to prep our F3 Arlington Pax for the F1 circuit following the structure of a Grand Prix Weekend: Practice, Qualifying and Race. PAX counted off by 3’s. Each team of 3 or 4 randomly picked a sheet of paper with their team. Teams were: Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren

The Thang:

Training/Practice (Thang 1): Gathered by the Yorktown wall with a massive collection of weighted balls and kettlebells. Each team had one PAX in each position: P1: People’s Chair with weighted ball as a “steering wheel”, P2: Seated on ground, slam ball overhead, P3: Pushing slam ball of P2 to mimic G-force, P4 (timer): Running the race course with kettlebell – up ramp, down stairs, across the end zone – back into paddock. Each PAX shifted to next position.

Qualifying (Thang 2): Team relay race – slalom-style through cones – Bear crawl with soccer ball. PAX focused on racing line and maneuvering to get the quickest route. The outcome of the race determined starting position for the Grand Prix.

Grand Prix (Thang 3): Return to race track – start position determined by Qualifying results. PAX remained on their teams – each teammate did 2 race laps with a weighted ball, coming in to “pit stop” for a new ball with help from the pit crew for their second lap. Each team had to do at least one lap with the 40lb slam ball (thank you Horsepunch).

Mary: In-cadence sit-ups with soccer ball toss, flutter kicks, Bonni’s torture, crab jacks

Announcements: Coffeeteria to follow, Ragnar team is forming for September 28th, Austrian Grand Prix is on this Sunday morning and British Grand Prix is next weekend on ESPN.

COT: Thank you for coming out. Extra THANK-YOU to Major Payne, Horsepunch and Jenner for doing so much behind the scenes and behind the camera to keep F3 Arlington’s electronic and social media presence fresh and awesome.

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