Beverly Hills Beatdown

When: 7/2/2018

Q: 90210

The PAX: Prenup, Maj Payne, Hightower, Bone, Jenner, Dr Dandelion, Speedo, NAFTA, Horsepunch

2 laps around the track
50 side straddle hops
5 minutes of stretching

The Thang:

2 Rounds
Low plank :30
Right plank :30
Left plank :30
High plank :30
Rest :30

Endzone sprints:

20 burpees
Sprint to 50 yd line
20 lunges
Sprint to endzone
10 jumping squats
Sprint to 50 yd line
10 jumping lunges
Sprint to endzone

Wandered to the swingset for some pull-ups

2 rounds of 10 reps

Wandered back to the endzone

Spider-man to the 25 yd line
lunge walk to 50 yd line
sprint to endzone

20 WWII sit-ups
20 partner assisted leg lifts

20 Merkins
10 diamond merkins
10 wide-arm merkins

6in leg hold for 100 seconds

COT: Thanks for coming out in the gloom for a righteous beatdown this morning!

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