The longest mile

DATE: 2023-05-24
AO: Apollo
Q: Bluegrass
PAX: Juneau, Obadiah, Rambler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, legs stretches and some light jogging
THE THANG: Run 4 laps around the track stopping at each corner. To do a set of something. First lap 40 reps
2nd lap 30 reps
3rd lap 20 reps
Last lap 10 reps
1st corner: merkins
2nd corner: big boys
3rd corner: Carolina dry dock
4th corner: lunges
MARY: bear crawl party, flutter kicks, toy soldiers, jump squats, plank ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dads camp, Murph on Monday.
COT: remember the fallen this Memorial Day. Tell your friends and family about those Military members that you know, or know of, (however close you were) who gave their life. Tell their story and say their names. Never forget.

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