Legal vs Moral obligations

DATE: 2023-05-23
AO: General
Q: Obadiah
PAX: citrus, Fairweather, Lazlo, 2 percent, Hard Knox, Toolbox, Booking FNGs: Century mark – welcome!
WARMUP: Imperial walkers, rockettes, arm circles, cherry pickers, WMH, downdog, cobra Kai, mtn climbers, worlds greatest stretch THE THANG:
3 rounds of Quinn Brenton WOD
50 yard Bear crawl
50 yard – 5 broad jumps pause for 3 burpees back to start lIne 50 IC SSH

Some men would quit right there because arguably we had met the law when including two rounds from the previous week. But not us, oh no, we did two more rounds to complete the 5 round beat down, morally required. MARY: did not happen
ANNOUNCEMENTS: nantano ceremony Wednesday night, dads camp, murph, check slack
COT: not enough to just meet the letter of the law, just doing the bare minimum isn’t enough. We should purpose to go above and beyond, sacrifice time, money, self and in so doing, being a blessing we cannot fully appreciate.

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