The Pop Fly (-) or the the time Zeus went to bed at 1836 and fartsacked the next morning’s Q

DATE: 2023-05-19
AO: Sparta
Q: Peanuts
PAX: Battleship, Obadiah, Nano, Monte Karlo, K-Pop, Zeus, Doodles FNGs: None
WARMUP: WMH; CP; MP; Dirty Birds; DD; HS; Ab Stretch
THE THANG: Pair up for something likeadora but much too long a run. Someone didn’t know what he was doing clearly. Exercises were 100 curls; 150 kettle bells swings; 200 LBCs on wall; 200 BSS; 150 OHP coupled with laps around the school. After complete did sprint to stone bench with 5 box jumps or step ups followed by sprint back to wall. Did that 5 times. Finally ended with 80 calf raises on curb followed by 40 curb merkins and 40 air squats. MARY: No.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dads are camping; boneathon; Nano NANTAN coordination to include a vision quest.
COT: listen out for those that are encouraging you. Don’t try to bring them down if your down. Let them lift you up. Someone out there is always rooting for you, just gotta make sure we hear them.

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