Station rotation

DATE: 2023-05-01
AO: Patriot
Q: Major Payne
PAX: Ice Tea, Gherkin, CableGuy, bogey, Jenner, Maguire, Wedding Singer, Booking, Legacy, Lazlo, Lucius, Anchorman, Langston, Big Short FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, IW, WMH, BWS, LBACs front and rear, Merkins, Fellowship lap

Station rotation with the following exercises (not in order, but you get the idea). 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

1. 60# sandbag over the shoulder lift and drop
2. 80# sandbag deadlift
3. Jump box
4. Chain lift
5. Jump rope
6. Medicine ball toss
7. Coupon curl
8. Battle rope
9. Agility ladder
10. Coupon curl
11. Merkins
12. Goblet squats (45)
13. Jump rope
14. plate static overhead hold (45)
15. Arm spreaders w/ elastic band
16. Burpees
17. Bench dips
18. Plate trap high rows (30)
19. DB triceps kickbacks (10)

Fellowship lap

Another 50 on/10 off station rotation, but with a buddy this time.

1. 60# sandbag over the shoulder lift and drop
2. 80# sandbag deadlift
3. Jump box
4. Coupon curl
5. Jump rope
6. Agility ladder
7. Bench dips

MARY: Flutter kicks (of course!)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Kudos to the backpackers who made it through a soggy weekend and built some great bonds! Also Dads camp is coming. And F3TheCapital 5 year anniversary is June 17 at The Patriot.

COT: Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us. Note how the first station rotation was as a singleton. It was pretty tough, maybe not as fun. The second round, where you completed it with a buddy was easier and more fun. Whenever we do something with others, it’s better. But too often, we try to navigate life alone, pushing through our struggles all by ourselves. We forget how important it is to reach out to others and how much better we can feel if we can just share those burdens that weigh us down. Take time this month to share your burdens — we all have them. And be there to listen to and help your brothers around you. It means a lot — more than you might realize, to both share your struggles and to receive them. No OYO!


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