Mediball Tabata

DATE: 2023-04-29
AO: Olympus
Q: Nano
PAX: Nano, Major Payne, Doodles, Popeyes, YNAB, Lazlo, Roddick FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, T-bone Merkins, Air Squats, Don Quixote, WMH, Rockettes THE THANG:
The PAX circled up for a Tabata style workout as follows:

3 medicine balls separated by 1 or 2 PAX in the circle. Those with the ball did 40lb – 1 mediburpee
30lb – 2 mediburpee
20lb – 3 mediburpee
and passed the ball on to the next PAX.

When the timer stopped, the PAX without a ball ran to 50 yd and back. Those with the ball did: 40lb – 5 yd and back bear crawl with ball
30lb – 10 yd and back bear crawl with ball
20lb – 15 yd and back bear crawl with ball

The work time was 40 s
The Run/Crawl/ Rest 60s
5 rounds (one round is work + rest)
2 cycles (60s rest between cycles)

During each of the rounds, the PAX without a ball did:
1. Air Squats – IC
2. SSH – IC
3. Merkins – OYO
4. Forward lung/reverse lung
5. Turkish Get-Ups no weight


If a PAX doesn’t make it back before the rest ends, everyone does one burpee at the end. No burpees were imposed, except for the 4 at the beginning for the late comers.

Followed by Doodles led ultimate frisbee, full field.
MARY: During frisbee.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp, Cleveland Monthly Challenge, Popfly Monthly Challenge, Apollo Launch (this Wednesday), May is metal health awareness month. Every Friday at Patriot this will be the focus of the Q’s COT and folks will get there early for a few labs to talk it out.

COT: Q-Source Foundation: Disruption – To lead someone means disrupting their status quo. It means they need to be pushed to do things they normally wouldn’t have – this is something that normally won’t happen on its own. At the same time, that means as a leader, you must disrupt. You cannot lead someone to advantage without first causing this disruption. Therefore, if we want to grow, we need to get comfortable with getting outside our comfort zone. And, to lead we must also get comfortable with pushing others outside their comfort zone as well. There are good and bad approaches to pushing others, but there are no magic words that will get someone to move to advantage without disruption. Start doing it, get used to it, and build leaders.

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