it could’ve been worse

DATE: 2023-04-27
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Trolley, Jag, Major Payne, LTD, Katniss, Hard Knox
FNGs: None
WARMUP: ssh, air squats, imperial walkers, windmills, down dog/calves, worlds okayiest stretch, Cobra Kai, merkins, mosey
THE THANG: 2 rounds of 12 different exercises 1 min on 30s off, rinse and repeat. Bonnie Blair with a hop, ratchet squat, no surrender, James bond (pew pew), hover hops, kick through merkin, toe taps merkin, and hover pulse merkin, twisting pistons, black widow knee slide, lateral MTN climbers, and v up pulses. with a short mosey in between MARY: none
ANNOUNCEMENTS: dad’s camp, 5 yr anniversary, Trolley and XL leaving us planning a send off/beat down for good measure so we are not forgotten.
COT: Consistent effort in all things. It’s the only thing that works. In addition to the consistent effort you put in on your physical health, spend consistent energy on your emotional and mental health. It will pay off but has to be practiced consistently just like everything else.

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