12/24 Celebration!

DATE: 2023-04-27
AO: Freestate
Q: Wildcat
PAX: Deagle, Horshack, Butter, Dungeon Master (Amon), FIFA
FNGs: Mumford
Side-Straddle-Hop: x 22 IC
Swingbillies: x 12 IC
Arm circles/Chinooks: x 12/12 IC
Cherry Pickers: x 12 IC
Mountain Climbers: x 12 IC
Plank Jacks: x 12 IC
Hairy Rockettes: x 12 IC
Air Pushes: x 12 IC
Windmills: x 12 IC

Mosey to the school playground with coupons

The Thang:
12 burpees
bear crawl across blacktop . . .
24 overhead presses
. . . And back

El Capitan across the blacktop . . .
24 coupon curls
12 merkins
. . . And back

Wall-sit (IC – count of 24)
Sprint across field and back

24 chest presses
mosey around the blacktop x 2 (with karaoke and skipping)
12 star jumps

24 high knees
Frankensteins across the blacktop . . .
12 taint scrapers
. . . And back

Wall-sit (IC – count of 24)
Sprint across field and back

Freddie Mercury x 12 IC
Big boy sit-ups x 12 IC
Flutters x 12 IC
Plankorama/Nolan Ryans: 12/12/12/12 IC
LBCs x 12 IC
Scissors x 12 IC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Fourth Thirsty Thursday tonight. Dad’s camp. Murph – 5/29. Dungeon Master noted that today is Take Your Child to Work Day, and gave us some of the day’s history and his thoughts on it.

COT: Yesterday marked two years (24 months) since I finished Chemo (by some counts that counts as officially “cured,” although I won’t tempt fate by making too much of that). This Sunday will mark one year (12 months) since I first posted at Freestate (although I probably shouldn’t count it that way given the amount of beatdowns I’ve missed because of travel or injuries or other conflicts). Anyway, I am incredibly grateful for both of those undertakings, although F3 has been (at least usually) somewhat more pleasant! Thanks, guys! On to the next year, hopefully with just the F3 part!

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