Bearing One Another’s Burdens

DATE: 2023-04-26
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Fish Fry
PAX: Mr. Hand, Gherkin, Purple Rain, Kodiak, SPINAL TAP, sticks FNGs: Attache’, DR Pax Putter
WARMUP: IWs, Michael Phelps, SSHs, Mountain Man Poopers, World’s Greatest Stretch into Hamstring Stretch, Supine Shoulder Mobility, Supine Single Leg Hip Openers THE THANG:
Dora style workout the completes one one team got to the required reps. The Dora Workout 75 Legs over coupons in cadence
100 Reverse Superman
20 BDE burpees
100 curls
100 Reverse plank march
75bent over rows
100 tricep extensions or dips
Manmaker ring of fire with Pax in goblet squat position
20 LBACs forward
20 LBACs reverse
10 seal claps
15 Moroccan night clubs
20 overhead claps

MARY: Plank saws in honor of @Magoo, and LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Backpacking, Boneathon, Dad’s Camp, Memorial Day Murph COT:
Was recently at the funeral of the 22 yo son of my long-time work colleague who lost his battle against drug addiction. There was a ton of support from their friends and community, so much so that they had to open the gym and overflow room, and put chairs in the lobby. After the funeral as we were talking about whether we could make it to the family house due to the large crowd, someone made an insightful comment that they would just wait until about a month from now when the visitors and meals have gone away and the family has to go on living their daily life. It reminded me that supporting one another can be something big like a wedding, funeral or a move. Often, however, bearing one another’s burdens are in simple issues like asking about how work is going, how their diagnosis went, and just generally checking up. Both of the big and small ways are a means of fulfilling the intent in Galatians 6 to bear one another’s burdens, and in so doing, fulfill the law of Christ.

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