Working Out Your Glutes

DATE: 2023-04-13
AO: Olympus
Q: Juneau
PAX: Rambler, Nano, Flapjack, Doodles, Obadiah, Glee
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Wiley Mays Hays, Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, Butt Kickers, High Knees, Lunges THE THANG:
-1 minute each of Mule Kicks, hand release merkins, fire hydrants, military press, and side leg raises.
-100 yrd jog/sprint, goal line karaoke, 100 yrd backwards run, goal line karaoke -Rinse and Repeat three times
MARY: round robin
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dads camp, the Murph, and new site at Apollo
COT: Each season of life will have challenges and enjoyment. These will change, make sure to cherish each season as it comes along even during the difficulty.

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