Over the Hills, to Dora’s house…

DATE: 2023-04-12
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Wedding Singer, CableGuy, citrus, Ice Tea, Jenner, Lazlo, Legacy, Major Payne, Moneyball, Shake ‘N’ Bake FNGs: None
WARMUP: side straddle. Imperial walkers. Hillbillies. LBAC. Cherry Pickers. Willie Mays Hayes. Downward Dog. cobra Kai.

THE THANG: pair up to the hills. One runs while the other does exercises. 50 burpees. 100 merkins. 150 calf raises. 200 air press. 300 LBCS. Run to next hill. Two up and backs while partner from AMRAP merkins. Mosey to parking lot. Series of bear claws and burpees. One last ring of fire with merkins.

MARY: flutter-kicks and stretching

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Boneathon ahead. Murph ahead. Five year anniversary ahead in early June begin thinking about what activity and or convergence we can pull off together.

COT: Make sure to spend time individually with your kids. Easy to do things as a family but create a special bond that is unique with each kid (young or adult kids!!).

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