What do Metallica, Pull Ups, Ricky Bobby, Squats, Merkins, Bear Crawl Ricky Bobby, Sprints, NolanRyan, Flutter Kicks and a 1 mile run all have in common?

DATE: 2023-04-11
AO: General
Q: 2 percent
PAX: Major Payne, Hard Knox, Lazlo, Moneyball, Ice Tea, Fairweather FNGs: DR PAX Refried Beans
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, RVE’s, Willy Mays Hays, Downward Dog, World’s Greatest Stretch, Don Quixote’s THE THANG: see title. We did all that stuff. Some of it multiple times. MARY: Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryan’s
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bone A Thon, Murph, Dads Camp, Backpacking
COT: QIC reflected on his aging parents and coming to terms with the physical and mental limits that they are starting to face. This is something that we will likely all experience at some point in our lives. YHC made a pledge to have more patience, but more importantly, to try and focus more on the quality time spent with them while they’re with us…..even if that quality time means explaining to them for the 30th time that they successfully changed the clock on the microwave oven but failed in reheating the meatloaf.

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