4s on 4/4

DATE: 2023-04-04
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: 2 percent, Lazlo, Yardbird, Hard Knox, Moneyball, Toolbox FNGs: 5 Putt (DR Chicago)
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, windmills, rockettes, arm circles, Michael Phelps, down dog, World’s. Greatest. Stretch. Ever.

Lineup on the goal line. Travel the length of the field, stopping every 25 yards to do 4 reps of an exercise. Pickup the 6 at the goal line, then travel back doing the same movements/exercises: * Bear crawl / Bobby Hurleys
* Jog / Hand release T merkins
* Broad jump / head touch dry docks
* Backwards jog / Bobby Hurleys
* Lunge / Hand release T merkins

While doing the movements/exercises, do 4 burpees every 4 minutes. All to a soundtrack of 4-inspired songs. Which nobody wanted YHC to share, but YHC is sharing anyway.

MARY: flutter kicks, american hammers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: There’s a channel for everything: Dolly Sods backpacking trip, boneathon, Murph, picnic, Dads’ Camp.

COT: Don’t hold on to regret.

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