pick something up, put something down

DATE: 2023-03-23
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Jag, Hard Knox, Katniss
FNGs: DR PAX Import out of Franklin, Tennessee.
WARMUP: 5 burpees, SSH, 5 burpees, Best damn Rockettes I’ve ever seen, 5 burpees, Single leg lunge, 5 burpees, IBAC
THE THANG: 3 rounds of various arms, shoulders, abs, legs, and mosey/sprint/jump rope. all weighted exercises. trust me bro, even Katniss was gassed out…literally and figuratively.
MARY: 5 exercises each pax chose one and went without rest from 1 to the next…rinse and repeat. ANNOUNCEMENTS: grow ruck, F3 leadership and what F3 means to you…
COT: as always, roll with whatever comes your way it’s all part of your journey. Also the only thing that will ever work is consistent work/effort.
I’m Half the man I used to be (physically), but twice the man I was (in every other way) STITG

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