Jacob prepared us

DATE: 2023-03-23
AO: Olympus
Q: Doodles
PAX: Peanuts, Hightower, Obadiah, Nano, Juneau
FNGs: Flapjack (came on Tuesday too)
WARMUP: SSH, cherry twists, arm circles, down dog, worlds greatest stretch, quad stretches, karaoke, Air Jordans. THE THANG: Jacob’s ladder
PAX does 1 burpee and sprints 50 yds, mosey 30 yds, Bear crawls 20 yds and then 10 Merkins. Then
Repeat back across the field until complete. Repeat up to 10 burpees and going down to 1 merkin. One PAX rotated to jump rope each trip in honor of Joseph the brother sold into slavery. Total of 55 burpees, 55 merkins, 1000 yards of sprinting, 400 yards of Bear Crawls. MARY: we did that.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: GTE this weekend and some backpacking trips coming in April and May
COT: Jacob had 12 sons. Youngest brother Joseph was sold into slavery by his other brothers. But Joseph moved up the ranks and became very powerful in Egypt and very trusted by Pharoah and in charge of the grain reserves. During this time a famine occurred in Israel and Jacob sent his 11 sons to ask Pharoah for food. Joseph was at first disguised but revealed himself to his brothers. They were afraid but he forgave them and said “what you meant for evil, God meant for good.” Q encouraged HIMs to find silver lining in hard trials. You might be there to learn something or be there for a reason possibly something up ahead that you just don’t see yet.

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