Around and around we go

DATE: 2023-03-21
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: 2 percent, Hard Knox, Toolbox, Booking, Moneyball, citrus FNGs: DR PAX Sugar and Jazzercise
Have you ever gone in the back yard and your dog is on the other side of the fence, but the gate is closed and you can’t figure out how it did that? The Q arrived to find the gate closed and DR PAX Sugar on the other side of it. Like we’ve been climbing the fence all this time because we’re a bunch of idiots and there’s an open gate we never noticed. Turns out that’s mostly accurate. But we sorted through it and Sugar (visiting from central Arkansas) and Jazzercise (local friend EH’ed to come join us – hope he comes back) joined us in our place of exile on the sidewalk just as we were getting started. And that’s no joke – we were just getting started. There was really not much of a theme for today, but we used most of what the W&L stadium has to offer.

WARMUP: SSH, imperial walkers, hillbillies, Michael Phelps, cherry pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, down dog, as we moseyed around the stadium and found our way to the field.

THE THANG: We moseyed over to the stands for a quick round of step ups, derkins, toe taps, and dip.

Then to the field where we did a bear crawl Ricky Bobby. PAX lined up head to toe pointing along the football field and held plank until they were the last one in line. They then bear crawl to the front of the line, hold plank, repeato until we made it the full length of the field.

Then to the pull up bars. Cardio rest while we did a wall sit and each pax did a set of ~10 pull ups.

Then to the stairs for a quick set of box jumps. Seemed popular.

Back to the bleachers for slanted merkins (one hand/foot on a lower bleacher, the other on a higher bleacher) pointing right, Bulgarian squats (right leg), the slanted merkins left and Bulgarian squats left leg.

Back to the field – broad jump from one sideline to the other.

Pull up bars for another round of wall sit/pullups.

Then back to the stairs for escalating burpee laps. PAX ran a lap up one side, over, down the other, and did a burpee. Add a burpee each lap up to 5 burpees.

MARY: Captain Thor, up to 5 and back.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A ruck, a hike, and a camp are coming up.

COT: The Q shared a story he read last weekend. It was a couple who had opened a sandwich shop in downtown Phoenix. They were supposed to be retiring soon, and selling the shop was their retirement plan. But that shop is now in the middle of a homeless encampment. The story talked about their daily struggles, but also of the people who live there and the horrible existence they deal with, and without a realistic path out of it. It’s really just a tragedy from every angle, and something that doesn’t feel very real in our daily lives. So just closed with a reminder to be grateful for what we have, and to help others when you can.

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