St. Patrick’s Day Ruck Beat Down

DATE: 2023-03-17
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Kodiak
PAX: 3 mile, Magoo, Major Payne, Trifecta, Gherkin, Disco, vplaxico, sticks, Mr Haand FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, IW, MP, WMH, Don Quixote, Down Dog, Stretch
THE THANG: Line up on the goal line for a set of exercises. After the set, proceed across the field in various modes with your ruck / coupon: Carry the Coupon Exercise
1 Regular Kettle-bell Swing (20)
2 Rifle Squat (20)
3 Regular Bent over Row (20)
4 Rifle Big-Boy Sit ups (20)
5 Regular Shoulder Press (20)
6 Bear crawl to 18/Murder bunnies Curls (20)
7 Regular Burpees (10)
8 Regular Merkins (20)
9 Regular Ski Jump over Ruck (20)
Almost 2 sets were completed

MARY: LBCS, flutter kicks, penguin crunches, toy soldiers, dead bugs ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck next weekend
COT: Today, is St. Patrick’s day, but who is St. Patrick? He was born into an English / Roman noble family, and was brought to Ireland at a young age where he worked as a slave. He escaped and returned to England where he joined the priesthood. Returning to Ireland, he set about converting the Irish people to Christianity. That’s your historical note to understand the stories behind our traditions.

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