Stay in your lane!

DATE: 2023-03-15
AO: Patriot
Q: Major Payne
PAX: bogey, Ice Tea, FIFA, CableGuy, Anchorman
FNGs: None
10 SSH
10 IW
10 Cherry Pickers
10 LBACs front and rear
Down Dog
20 HRPUs
20 BSUs

Pair up — Each group pick up a sandbag

4 laps around track.

Lap 1. Regular ruck and carry 60#-80# sandbag. Move as fast as you can. Followed by 10 x Ruck thrusters and 20 x Ruck Flutter Kicks (in cadence).

Lap 2. No strap lap. Carry ruck or coupon And 60# – 80# sandbag. Follow up with 10 x Ruck/coupon swings and 20 x Ruck mountain climbers IC.

Lap 3. Carry 60#-80# sandbag. Move as fast as you can. Follow up with 10 x Ruck Merkins and 20 x Ruck Big Boy Sit-ups.

Lap 4. Overhead carry lap. All PAX move as a team. Whenever someone’s ruck touches their head or it goes below shoulders, team does 3 x burpees and continues on.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for the GTE raffle! Grand prize is a bottle of Pappy’s bourbon ($3K value) + a bunch of other stuff. See here:

COT: When it comes to leadership, before we can do anything else, we need to get ourselves right. Getting right involves pushing yourself to become 1% better every single day. Additionally, no man can get right by himself. Part of this process means that we need to reach out to others to get ourselves right. No OYO!


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