Misty Monday

DATE: 2023-03-13
AO: Patriot
Q: Flipper
PAX: Anchorman, Big Short, bogey, Bone, CableGuy, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Legacy, My Space, Sunshine, Wallace FNGs: Smokey
WARMUP: SSHs, Hill Billies, Windmills, Onion Pickers, WMHs, DDs, greatest stretch in the history of stretches

THE THANG: Group moseyed to the playground for 3 rounds of alternating toes to bars, durkins, and squats

Mosey back to the track for wall sit/bear crawls Ricky Bobby style.

Then performed 11s with burpees and Bonnie Blairs.

Finished it off with a game or Do or Die (thanks to #rambler for the idea)

MARY: LBCs, WWIs, and Toy Soldiers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck, March Madness betting opportunities

COT: The Q recently had some family issues with an aging family member. Thanks to some different insight and perspectives from another family member, I was able to refocus my attitude and view. We can often benefit from talking about something with others that we wouldn’t normally engage in order to consider different points of view and perspectives. Find opportunities to do this throughout the week.

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