Classic block beatdown in ladder fashion.

DATE: 2023-03-01
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: CableGuy, Anchor Man, Big Short, Booking, Grape Ape, Ice Tea, Legacy, Lucius, Maguire, Major Payne, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Strange Brew, Sunshine FNGs: Suds
WARMUP: SSH, MPs, LBACs forward and reverse, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Down Dog, WGS, Cobra Kai

THE THANG: Grab a coupon and line up on goal line

5 burpees, jog to 5yd line and back
10 coupon squats, backpedal to 10yd and back
15 coupon swings, forward lunge walk to 15 and back
20 overhead presses, reverse lunge walk to 20 and back
25 LBCs, karaoke to 25 and back
30 curls, karaoke to 30 and back
35 bent over rows, bear crawl to 35 and back
40 shoulder taps IC, jog to 40 and back
45 coupon hold flutter kicks IC, backpedal to 45 and back
50 coupon chest presses, Lt Get Ups to the 50 and back
40 Nolan Ryans (20 ea side), bearcrawl to 40 and back
30 dirty dogs (15 ea leg), jog to 30 and back
20 donkey kicks (10 ea. Side), backpedal to 20 and back
10 blockees, crawlbear to 10 and back

MARY: BAT WINGS (keeping arms up until Recover)
20x IC LBACs forward
1x 10-ct
20x IC LBACs reverse
1x 10-ct
20x IC seal claps
1x 10-ct
20x IC overhead claps
2x 10-ct

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GTE – join F3 brothers for Kingbuilder & Grow School at a minimum

COT: YHC touched on the leadership development aspects of F3, along with the benefits of getting out to do a CSAUP. YHC joined our brothers from F3 Blueridge for a Saturday CSAUP that got cut short. Our CSAUP leader stepped up in classic F3 fashion to should the burden of the moment. IMHO, F3 is working within each of us, freeing us to lead in small groups, our families, and our communities. While the CSAUP got cut short, the impact to YHC – from spending time with his F3 Blueridge brothers under ruck, heavy sandbags, and beatdowns, to sharing COT and ultimately fellowship over food – is indelible. There’s nothing like a CSAUP to remind us that growth and change happen when you’re shoulder to shoulder working towards a common goal in a challenging, uncomfortable and unpredictable environment.

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