11s & Grumpy Old Men

DATE: 2023-02-27
AO: Patriot
Q: My Space
PAX: Anchor Man, Big Short, bogey, citrus, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Legacy, My Space, Obadiah, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Smokey, Strange Brew, Wallace, Wedding Singer, XL FNGs: suds
WARMUP: side straddle hop, little bitty arm circles, cherry pickers, WMH, D Dog, greatest stretch in the world, cobra Kai. Fellowship lap THE THANG: goal line to 25 yard line — bear crawl
25 – 50 yard line — walking burpees
50-25 yard line — bear crawl
25 – goal line — walking burpees
Round 1:
Start on the sideline do 10 overhead press with coupons run to the other sideline and do 1 WWI. Continue to until you finish with 1 overhead press and 10 WWI Round 2:
Start on the hash and do 10 Lipton curls and run to the other hash and do 1 squat, continue like above Round 3:
Start in the hash do 10 blockies and run to other hash and do 1 merkin. Continue like above. MARY: 50 LBCs
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck, Boneathon, Dad Camp, Christmas is Dec. 25th
COT: spent time with father in law this weekend who is the upstate NY version of Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. He is very lonely as he holds grudges with family and friends and is easy slighted. He allows his pride to get in the way and refuses to forgive. The takeaway that my wife and sons took from is it that by not forgiving he is only punishing himself and now leads a very lonely life. Practice forgiveness — you only live once and everyone makes mistakes.

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