Can Cans, Hangs, and Exercise Tag

DATE: 2023-02-07
AO: General
Q: Jenner
PAX: Moneyball, 2 percent, Hard Knox, Toolbox, XL
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills.

THE THANG: Extending the warmup into the thang, mosey over to dropoff for B-Skips down and back. Mosey over to the bicycle stands for hurdle active swing lead leg down and back (2 Percent dubbed these Jenner Can Cans). Mosey over to the stairs, pick a partner, and while one pair runs the stairs, group 2 does windmills and group 3 does SSH. Rotate through all stations and the stairs is the timer. Repeat with group 2 changing to cherry pickers and group 2 doing mountain climbers. Mosey over to the pull up bar on the field. Pair up differently. While one pair does 25 pull ups total as the timer, group 2 holds plank and group 3 does big boy situps. Mosey over to the wall near concessions. Reach up or jump up and hang for 5 seconds, in sync everyone pivots hips to the left and raise knees to 90 degrees for 10 seconds. Repeat the 5 second hang and pivot the to the right and raise knees for 10 seconds. Mosey over to the steps at the backside of the turn. Demonstrate the Navy Seals Burpee and everyone performs 5 OYO. Then crawl bear up the stairs.

Mosey over to the football field for a game of exercise tag. Pair off in teams and one team is it. Goal is to get from the goal line to the fifty yard line without getting tagged. Demonstrate the rules: can run down the yard lines, can only bear crawl up the side lines, can travel burpee up the hash marks. If you must turn around 180 degrees or go backwards at any time, you must perform 2 navy seal burpees first. Taggers have the same restriction except they don’t have to bear crawl the sidelines and can run instead. End with all PAX at the fifty yard line. Total up the number of tags and perform that amount of navy seal burpees. Repeat with a different team as the taggers until time is up.

MARY: Flutter Kicks and American Hammers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Buy superbowl squares. They are square and the money will help F3 and can earn you money. They are for the superbowl and they are square. The GTE in March is not just the overnight ruck. You can sign up for the Saturday workout and leadership sessions.

COT: Draw inspiration from many different areas in your life so you can make the best decisions and be the best person you can be. This workout drew from Youtube Navy Seals and game mechanics from past Lazlo workouts. Talk to others. Read books. Gather diverse input for the best perspectives on life.

Extended COT by Toolbox highlights that you should not keep everything balled up inside. If you have stressers building up inside of you, don’t be afraid to talk to another. The relief can be outsized. Lean on a PAX. Lean on a friend. It’s worth it.

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