Won’t You Be My Neighbor (Eddie Murphy voice)

DATE: 2023-02-06
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Booking, Smokey, CableGuy, My Space, Big Short, citrus, Legacy, Ice Tea, Wedding Singer, bogey, Lucius, Beaux, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Boiler, Snake (Will Harris), Strange Brew FNGs: Suds
WARMUP: SSH. Hillbillies. IW. LBAC. WMH. CP. DD. CK.
THE THANG: mosey around the neighborhood. Nine different stops. 10 reps per.

1st stop. 10 merkins
2nd 10 merkins. 10 joe louis
3rd. Merkins. Joe louis. Air press.
4th. Add Lunge.
5th. Add burpees.
6th. Add moving on ups
7th. Add toy soldiers.
8th. Add Bobby Hurleys.
9th. Add mountain climbers.
(Note. 140 merkins when counting the burpees).

MARY: LBCs. Solid stretching from Wedding Singer.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A moment for all of us to think of Smokey’s daughter, Smokey and their family as she recovers.

Super Bowl squares.

COT: 1600 people have given to Cardinals gofundme page. Many are unknown to the family. Do something unexpected this week. Donation. Volunteer. A simple thank you. Mentor. Something. Start small. Great for the other person. Great for you.

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