Windy mosey and bombs

DATE: 2023-02-03
AO: Patriot
Q: Flipper
PAX: Wedding Singer, Lazlo, Major Payne, Legacy, Ice Tea, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Grape Ape, CableGuy, Maguire, Big Short, bogey, Elvis, Smokey, Bone, Anchor Man, My Space, Fish Fry, Patchouli FNGs: #Cena, #Rousey, #Mackerel, welcome Strange Brew (aka John), Cena, Rousey, COUNT: 25!
WARMUP: SSHs, hill billies, windmills, carrot pickers, WMHs, DDs

THE THANG: PAX paired up and we moseyed to front of Yorktown with coupons. Whenever the Q said “switch”, each member of the team completed a thruster with the coupon. Upon arrival at Yorktown, the PAX completed the following:

15 step-ups,
15 dips,
10 durkins (all sets x 2)

Wall sits,
Broad jumps up the steps.

Moseying continued with continued “switches” of the coupon to the basketball court where we completed the following:

15 Mountain climbers,
15 squats (both x2)

10 Aussie pull-ups
10 squats (both x2)

Finisher: lunge walks and bear crawls while “You Dropped a Bomb on Me” played. Every time the word “bomb” was sung, the PAX did a hand release merkin.

MARY: LBCs, Toy Soldiers, Flutterkicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck support channel on Slack, get your Super Bowl Squares

COT: As part of mindfulness practice, we’re taught to embrace challenges and not shy away from conflict. Be in the moment, deal with something head on, don’t push conflict or hard decisions away.

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