DATE: 2023-01-31
AO: Atlantis
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Infinity, Hammerhead, True North
FNGs: Ralph Machio (from NC)
WARMUP: Side straddle hop, side-lunge stretch. Mosied to the site.
THE THANG: After dynamic stretches, sprinted at 90 – 95% for approximately 150 meters. Performed merkins, lunges, squats, ring-of-fire planks,big boy situps, and flutter kicks between 8 sets of sprints. Reduced distance down to approximately 30 meters and did sprint bursts at 101% with exercises between 6 sets of bursts. Mosied back to the AO. MARY: Box cutters, candle stick lifts, elbow planks, dolphin plank. ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck is coming up. Details on the F3 the capital channel.
COT: Value of participating in the community and not just doing it “for yourself”.

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