No more burpees (ha! just kidding)

DATE: 2023-01-31
AO: General
Q: Lazlo
PAX: 2 percent, Fairweather, Hard Knox, Moneyball, Yardbird, XL, Toolbox, Booking, bogey FNGs: None
The Q woke up this morning thinking, “Hello February! No more burpees!” Then he remembered there are 31 days in January. Back to the drawing board. So we knocked out a few burpees today, but in small doses. Official count that might or might not be accurate: 84 burpees

WARMUP: SSH, willie mays hayes, imperial walkers, Moroccan night clubs, cherry pickers, downward dog. 2 burpees before each set, except for 5 penalty burpees for the last set (thanks @Hard Knox!). [Count: 15 burpees]

PAX lined up on the goal line and took turns picking a target yard line, and a method of travel. Whoever finished first could name the next target/travel, but had to do 3 burpees first when the rest of the PAX started. (The rest of the PAX were still doing 3 burpees to move the count, but not during the race.) All PAX picked a movement, with @toolbox and the Q picking twice. Things I remember:
Crab walk, alligator crawl, broad jump + sprint, high skip, bear crawl, Spider Man crawl, frankenstein walk, lunge walk, Lt Dan,
Grand Finale: 100 yard bear crawl back to the start. This stirred some mumblechatter but the Q heartily approved. (Burpee count: 33)

Part 2: Dora. Based on the episode that had an EMOM timer for burpees. (And, as @2 percent reminded us, Map killed the Monkey. I don’t think they use this one for re-runs.) PAX partnered up for 100 Bonnie Blairs (hard way), 150 WWIs, and air presses until time was out, with all PAX stopping whatever they’re doing for 3 burpees on the minute. (Burpee count: 36)

Burpee total: 84

MARY: sets of flutter kick, hello Dolly, gas pumpers without heels touching the ground

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Super Bowl squares, Grow Ruck

COT: I shared that my sister passed away about a week ago. Not much wisdom was included. But it’s something my family and I are dealing with. What seemed important was the show of love and support from my F3 brothers, and affirmation that we are there for each other. Sincere thanks to all of you.

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