The tortoise workout

DATE: 2023-01-27
AO: Sparta
Q: Nano
PAX: Pop Fly, Zeus, Peanuts, Rambler
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, Rockettes.

THE THANG: At each of the four corners of the field, the PAX performed the following exercises with the Cindy: – [ ] 20 thrusters
– [ ] 30 Merkins
– [ ] 40 curls
– [ ] 50 air squats with a calf raise

Between corners, the PAX did a rifle carry, farmer’s carry, back to a rifle carry, and finally a bear crawl with Cindy to end it off back at the start.

MARY: LBCs, Big Bois, Ramble Star things, and Freddie Mercury to end it off.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for GTE35 and get your Super Bowl squares.

COT: I’m struggling with having to much on my plate and not enough time. It’s causing all of the projects to suffer and causing me to spend way to much time at work. Need to plan, address things systematically and just accept that I can’t always get everything done. Learning how to say no in the future will also be a big help.

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