Ruck on it

DATE: 2023-01-27
AO: Aerie
Q: Chasqui
PAX: Lonestar, Yellow Jacket
FNGs: None
Warm Up:
1 loop
jump rope
arm circles
high forward kicks
1 leg stand w/leg kicks

The Thang:
Round 1:
Merkins regular x 20
squats thrusters w/coupon x 20
mountain climbers x 10
curls x 30
kettlebell swing x15

Round 2:
Curl coupon across field
Rifle Carry back
Merkin w/shoulder taps x 10
Suicides Bear crawl 15 yd
Big boy sit ups w/coupon x 20
Nolan Ryans x 30

Round 3:
High Plank coupon slide x10
American Hammer w/coupon x 15
Rows L/R x 20
squats x 25
lunges forward x 20

Round 4:
PAX Mix: 20 yd crab walk, burpees, merkins, rifle carry, big boy sit ups, squat

6 MOM:
Baby crunch, V ups, flutter kicks

Pax mix

Announcements: Brew-run, Battlefield ruck,
grow ruck.

Experiences are the seeds out of which wisdom grows.

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