DMD & The 3B’s

DATE: 2023-01-27
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: CableGuy, 2 percent, Bone, Booking, Fish Fry, Flipper, Hightower, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Legacy, Lucius, Maguire, Major Payne, My Space, Tea Party, Wedding Singer, XL, Katniss FNGs: Spuds
WARMUP: SSH, Hill Billys, LBACs, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Downward Dog, Cobra Kai

DMD (Dirty Mac Deuce)
4 rounds of 3 exercises at 12-reps IC each, run a lap between each round.

Round 1
12 Merkins
12 Body weight squats
12 American Hammers
Run a Lap

Round 2
12 Burpees
12 Imperial Squat Walkers
12 Flutter Kicks
Run a Lap

Round 3
12 Hand-release T merkins
12 Forward Lunges
12 Toy Soldiers
Run a Lap

Round 4
12 Chuck Norris/Knerkins
12 Reverse Lunges
12 Mountain Climbers
Run a Lap

The 3B’s: Burpees, Bearcrawls and Batwings
5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 50yd line, jog back to goal line, 5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 30yd line, jog backwards to goal line, 5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 15yd line, Crawlbear back to goal line

Bat Wings (all IC) – hold arms up until recover. 20 LBACs forward, 20 LBACs reverse, hold for 10 count, 20 seal claps, hold for 2 x 10 counts, 20 overhead claps, hold for 2 x 10 counts. Recover.

MARY: 50 flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Super Bowl Squares fundraiser, @FishFry Super Bowl gathering, GrowRuck

COT: Thank you to our very own Nant’an, @Hightower for today’s COT: What has F3 done for you? Bet there’s lots of great stories, right? Flip the question, what have I done for F3? Part of mission statement is to grow male community leadership. We need more guys to unlock themselves to help this AO, this region. My plea for help is to get more of your help, we need your leadership to help grow this region. Please consider taking New Year’s resolution, what can I do to help F3. Hit me up to discuss next steps.

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