Zeus’s 12-8-4 Routine

DATE: 2023-01-26
AO: Olympus
Q: Zeus
PAX: Juneau, Rambler, Rollingstone, Obadiah, Pop Fly, Doodles, Wham-O, Peanuts FNGs: None
WARMUP: All done on Olympus parking lot. SSH,Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog, Kobra Khai, ankle stretches, hip stretches, 4 times up and down Olympus stairs followed by 20 yard slow jog between first light in parking lot to second basketball hoop 4 rounds. THE THANG:
Pair up in two’s. My group was a pair of 3. A pair of exercises done 12 x’s each then 8 x’s each then 4 x’s each. Partner up. 1st round burpee’s into big boyz, 2nd round Merkins into Big Boyz, 3rd round Merkins into Big Boyz. A vast of recovery exercises as a group between rounds. Recover mosey mixed with lunge walks to next workout station after each round. Covered all corners of Olympus parking lot. Part two HIIT- HIIT LADDER WORKOUT-
4 Exercises in first round and 3 exercises in second round with no rest between each exercise. One minute per exercise with a total of 4 minutes for a round. First round of exercises: Bonnie Blair into a squat, High Knees, Burpees, SSH. Second round of exercises: Merkins,Big Boyz, Pinguin taps. MARY: Mary done in the THANG
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Goruck challenge, Nano has Q Friday at Sparta, Doodles has Q Saturday at Olympus
COT: I encourage each of you to always be grateful for each blessing that is given to you. Often times we pray for the desires of our heart. For example your desire may be a new house, job, or to find a spouse and get married. Then when we get what we have asked for and it’s not perfect we often are not happy with it. I am reminded of a short story of a woman who was walking with her small child on a beach. Suddenly a large powerful wave comes and swoops the woman’s child deep into the water. The woman looks around in a panic for her child. She then looks up to the sky and says “if anyone up there can here me I beg you please get my son back to me. He means everything to in this world. I am nothing without out him. Hearing her cry for help an Albatross fly out of the sky. Follows a rainbow down into the water. Comes out of the water and places her child on his feet in front of her. The woman studies her child from head to toe. Then she looks back up to the sky and says “HE HAD A HAT”.
Again it is very important that we are always grateful for everything thing that come our way. I am grateful for each of my F3 brothers that came out and supported me this morning for my Q. A lot of times it’s a struggle to get to the AO. But once I’m there and see you guys and began to workout I start to feel like my best self. Peanuts says it best and I’m paraphrasing, “F3 workouts in the gloom is the Best part of my day.”

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