Zig Zag, Cone Crushing HITT course

DATE: 2023-01-25
AO: Compound
Q: Doodles
PAX: Popeyes, Rambler, Hightower, Obadiah, Booking, Yardbird, Poe, Snake (Will Harris), Peanuts FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHs, cherry pickers, willer Mays, arm circles, world’s greatest stretch to cobra Kia.
THE THANG: Split into 2 groups. Q had set up zig zag course that started 5 burpees at side line corner of end zone then bear crawl across field then 10 SSH then bear crawl to other sideline and perform 15 merkins. Then mosey (catch breath) 20 yds up sideline and perform 15 merkins then across field lunge walk to middle 10 SSH then walk lunge to sideline and 5 burpees. Then mosey 20 yds and 5 burpees then side shuffle to middle and 10 SSH and then side shuffle to other sideline and 15 merkins, then 20 yds and 15 merkins and skip to middle 10 SSH and skip to sideline 5 burpees. Course complete – Mosey 1 lap and rinse and repeat for total of 2x. Totals of 50 burpees, 80 plus SSH and 120 merkins. 4 mosey laps total = 1 mile MARY: round of mary that included plank chases around the circle ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck and Super Bowl Sqaures
COT: Reflected on mass shootings. Challenge each to engage outliers in our daily interactions- grocery store, neighborhood, work , etc. You never know when your “Hello” might help break a downward cycle. As men and leaders in our community we need to be examples of finding common ground with those we might disagree with. Lead with love and forgiveness.

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