Ruck Training #3

DATE: 2023-01-18
AO: Patriot
Q: Major Payne
PAX: Anchor Man, Beaux, Big Short, bogey, CableGuy, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Lucius, XL FNGs: None
10 SSH
10 IW
10 WMH
10 Cherry Pickers
10 LBACs front and rear
10 Michael Phelps
25 HRPU (hand release push-ups)
25 BSU (butterfly sit-ups)
Lap around track

THE THANG: Pick up sandbags ( 200#, 2 x 80#, 2 x 60# ) partner up and move to 30th Street hill. 200# sandbag up front. Each group of partners get under the 200# sandbag on rotation, partners switch 60# / 80# sandbag whenever there’s a 200# sandbag rotation.

Jacobs ladder as a unit. Ground sandbags at bottom.

Squats at bottom and ruck jump over burpees at top.

Move back to football field with sandbags.

MARY: 25 x flutter kicks


COT: Sometimes the hardest thing in any new endeavor is taking the first step. Once you take that step though, you realize it’s not so bad. In fact, you understand it’s really good.

Great work as a team, figuring out a system to get the 200# sandbag moving seamlessly. It wasn’t easy, but with a good system, it can be simple.

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