100 burpees and more

DATE: 2023-01-17
AO: General
Q: Booking
PAX: 2 percent, citrus, Lazlo, Fairweather, Hard Knox, Obadiah FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH Windmills Imperial Walkers Cherry pickers michael Phelps down dog cobra Kai worlds greatest stretch burpees (5)
THE THANG: burpee/ BW Squat ladder sideline to sideline. Start with one burpee run to opposite sideline one BW Squat and run back. Continue pattern until you get to 10 and 10 – total of 55 burpees / BW Squats.

Line up on goal line-
Bear crawl to 25- 20 merkins
Lunge walk to 50- 20 WW 1
Bear crawl to 25- 20 copperhead squats
Lunge walk to goal line- 20 burpees the 20 calf raises

Repeat above with 20 plank jacks, 20 Big Bois, and 20 squats on the above yard markers. Finish with 20 more burpees for a total of 100 burpees

MARY: LBC Flutters Toy Soldiers, Dirty Dog, Mule Kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck in March
COT: Q told a story about knowing when your gut tells you to question the outcome of a situation. Following your gut instinct and challenging the outcome can sometime lead to a better outcome. Don’t always just accept the results of a situation as final be willing to question it.

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