Closing out 2022

DATE: 2022-12-30
AO: Patriot
Q: Ice Tea
PAX: Roadkill, bogey, Maguire, Sunshine, Big Short, Spokes, Boiler, Maj. Payne, Wedding Singer, Bone, 2 percent, Elvis, Passport, Legacy, Smokey, citrus FNGs: Messy, Mackerel
WARMUP: SSH, Merkins, Michael Phelps, IBACs, Don Quixotes, W.M. Hayes, Cherry Pickers, Downward Dog

-Fellowship Lap
-Coupon lunge walk to 30 yd line and back, Jump squats x 25, goblet squats x 25, thrusters x 25 -Mosey to parking lot + alternating toe taps x 25
-Mosey to front of school, step-ups x 25, Bulgarian squats x 15 each leg, repeato -Group 2 box jumps up stairs and laps while Group 1 does wall sits, swap it up
-Mosey to basketball court, Group 2 shuttle run while Group 1 holds Al Gore, swap it up, repeato -Mosey to field, Bonnie Blairs and Goblet squats

MARY: WWIs, Robin Venturas, Flutter kicks

ANNOUNCEMENTS: still collecting coats, Grow Ruck in March

COT: Integrity is honesty in action. In 2023, you’ll be confronted with an ethical/moral quandary. Make the right decision, even if you risk going against the herd or your tendencies towards self-preservation. You’ll always be respected as a man of integrity and honesty, regardless.

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