Choose Your Own Adventure

DATE: 2022-12-28
AO: Patriot
Q: Maguire
PAX: Passport, bogey, Wedding Singer, 2 percent, Boiler, citrus, Lucius FNGs: Messy with a Y, Mackerel (FNG)
WARMUP: Side Straddle. Hillbillies. Rockettes. Willie Mays Hayes. Cherry Picker. Down Dogs. Cobra Kai.
THE THANG: Mosey to spots around Yorktown. PAX decided on going right or left and how many spots to jump ahead without knowing the map. See photo for what we did. Stations included:

Ring of fire. Planks and traveling bear crawls.
Run around anthem. Partner doing step ups and dips.
5s. Burpees on both sides. Travel via burpee up and lunge back. Parking lot. Partner jog is timer. Partner doing 10 merkins and SSH and switch. Hoops suicides. Partner jogs while other does 10 climbers and weezy jeffersons. Then we did ring of fire per @bogey choice and 5s again.
MARY: thank you @weddingsinger. Flutter. LBCs. Freddie Mercurys. ANNOUNCEMENTS: coat drive. See @shakenbake. Ruck upcoming. Check channels.
COT: family of tree. 7 of 10 this morning came from one introduction. Keep making your tree blossom at work , home , f3 and life.

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