2 Nights Before Christmas Beatdown

DATE: 2022-12-23
AO: Sparta
Q: Zeus
PAX: Peanuts
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mike Phelps, Circles, Rockets, Cherry Pickers, DW Dog, The Kai THE THANG: Zeus’s 12-8-4 Routine
A pair of exercises done 12 x’s each then 8 x’s each then 4 x’s each. PAX 2 does an exercise of his choice when PAX 1 starts at beginning of each number. 1st round burpee’s into big boyz, 2nd round kettle bell swings into heels to heaven, 3rd round Merkins into Freddy Mercury’s. Recover mosey after each round.
If this sounds confusing don’t worry you will have the opportunity to do this workout again at one of my future Q’s.
MARY: Wall sit with Squat. 1st PAX does one squat and return to wall sit. Next PAX does 1 squat back to wall sit. 1st PAX does 2 squats returns back to wall sit. 2nd PAX does same all the way to 10 squats.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Got wrapped up into talking about how important it is to appreciate the most special gift which is family and friendship.
COT: Family and Friendship is the best gift you can ever receive. Merry Christmas to All 👊🏿

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