The Power of Lunge

DATE: 2022-12-07
AO: Compound
Q: Lazlo
PAX: citrus, Peanuts, Yardbird, Simba, Poe, Zeus, NAFTA, Doodles, Obadiah, Hightower FNGs: None
Hat tip to Puget Sound for coming up with this workout. It’s special for the toughness it builds both physically and mentally. I’m still trying to get these songs out of my head and am sure it will only be a few more days.

WARMUP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, hillbillies, mountain man poopers, Michael Phelps, willie Mayes Hayes, Moroccan night clubs, downward dog

THE THANG: A three part Jacob’s Ladder, to the greatest hits from Huey Lewis and the News

1) A 4/1 ladder (4 and 1, 3 and 2, etc) doing Bonnie Blair’s and globe jump burpees as the exercises, with a 20 yard lunge walk back and forth. Music: The Power of Love (Lunge)

2) mosey to the tennis courts. 2 pax on each side of a court, one on left half, one in right half
4/1 ladder with Freddy mercuries and WWI’s. The movement was to bear crawl to the net, sideways bear to the middle, do the Freddy meecuries, crawl bear to the baseline, side bear to where you started, do the WWIs, repeato, making a… square-ish shape Music: Hip to be Square

3) mosey to the parking garage
10/1 ladder with burpees and “no cheat merkins” (hand release at bottom and a shoulder tap at the top), running ~30 yds down ramp in between

MARY: the key search (not yet in the exicon)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: bowling and grow ruck

COT: thoughts and prayers for Rambler and his family. The Q had the chance to catch up with an old friend, and encouraged the pax to think of someone they haven’t been in touch with in a while and reach out. They’ll appreciate it more than you think.

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