Thanksgiving traditions

DATE: 2022-11-30
AO: Patriot
Q: Big Short
PAX: Anchor Man, bogey, Booking, CableGuy, Einar Olsen, Grape Ape, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Legacy, Lucius, My Space, Roadkill, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Wedding Singer FNGs: Crown Vic
WARMUP: side straddle hops, yada, yada, yada

THE THANG: PAX shared their favorite family coupon exercises, thusly:
– started with one set of 10 count exercises at the goal line, then murder bunny to the 10 yard line.
– perform two sets of 10 count coupon exercises, then murder bunny to the 20 yard line.
– continue to the opposite end zone, adding a new 10-count coupon exercise every 10 yards. Then rifle carry back to the start line. – total sets:
• 10 sets of blockees
• 9 sets of squats
• 8 sets of rows
• 7 sets of leg lifts
• 6 sets of curls
• 5 sets of swings
• 4 sets of toe raises
• 3 sets of chest presses
• 2 sets of dercans
• 1 set of shoulder presses

MARY: toy soldiers, yada, yada, yada

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bowling on December 7.

COT: Be good

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