Tuesday Tour of the Yard

DATE: 2022-11-15
AO: Atlantis
Q: Bratwurst
PAX: Deflator, Hammerhead, Infinity
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Short stretch routine. Arms across our chest and behind our heads; twist bend and rotate; woodchoppas; dynamic hurdler stretch; beauty queens; butterfly stretch
THE THANG: Ran around the navy yard and did exercises at checkpoints. Did the following sets:
1) 10×Merkins, 20×4count Calf raises, 10×Werkins, 20×atmosphere squats, 10×arrowhead merkins
2) 10×4count forward lunges, 20×4count Calf raises, 10×4count side lunges, 20×atmosphere squats, 20×4count reverse lunges 3) Exercise set 1 again
4) 20×dips (on benches), 20×4count Calf raises, 20×dips, 20×atmosphere squats, 20×dips, 4 or 5×secondhand cigarette inhalations (deflator may have gotten more since the wind was in his direction) MARY: 20×4count LBCs, 16×4count box cutters, 15×4count American hammers ANNOUNCEMENTS:
COT: My thought was regarding Moses and the Pharaoh and how even though the Pharoah had lead an evil rule God was still willing to the open the doors of mercy to him if he fixed himself and his society.

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