Spartan 2500

DATE: 2022-11-11
AO: Sparta
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Nano, Gadget, Zeus, Doodles, Rambler, Peanuts
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHs, Lunges, Squats, Mikey Phelps, Rockettes
– Gadget was off Burpeeing for a good cause
– The ret performed the Spartan 2500
Ladder of exercises / Partner runs to the 50yd line and back each time 1 round: Cross Over Merkins (w/ Coupon)
2 rounds: Squats (w/ Coupon)
3 rounds: Kettlebell Swings (w/ Coupon)
4 rounds: Sit Ups (w/ Coupon)
5 rounds: Bicep Curls (w/ Coupon)
4 rounds: American Hammers (w/ Coupon)
3 rounds: Overhead Press (w/ Coupon)
2 rounds: Lunges (w/ Coupon)
1 round: Incline Merkins (w/ Coupon)

MARY: No need

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt, 2F next Wednesday, Turkey Trot

COT: For another perspective, not all Veterans appreciate when people thank them for their service. Oftentimes all they hear and see is someone who decided Service was for ‘someone else’ and not them. It also puts them on the spot and makes them say ‘thank you’, or ‘no problem’, when they weren’t looking to be in that position in the first place. I offer this for a different perspective

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