Races and Ultimate Frisbee

DATE: 2022-11-05
AO: Olympus
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Nano, Ashe, Rollingstone, Derecho
FNGs: Magic, Slapshot
WARMUP: SSHs, WMHs, lunges, trunk twists, Michael Phelps

a) 2 minutes of continuous stair running. one minute rest. one minute of continuous stair running b) Races:
1) push-ups and stair climbs
2) squats and bear crawl
3) sit-ups in Hill Climb
c) fellowship lap
d) traveling Jack Webb
e) Ultimate Frisbee

MARY: flutter kicks, Rocky sit-ups, and Glee’s

ANNOUNCEMENTS: the grunt, the social, and the turkey trot

COT: Nano spoke about how to be the person who changes, you need to be the person who changes. sounds simple enough, but if you want to see real change you have to make the appropriate steps to change. I didn’t necessarily do this Justice, but the bottom of my principle is when you have that pause between moments, do you make the right choice, or do you make the easy choice?

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