Compound Triangle and more

DATE: 2022-10-26
AO: Compound
Q: Maj. Payne
PAX: Hightower, NAFTA, Doodles, Jenner, Peanuts, citrus, Poe, Obadiah FNGs: None

15 x SSH, 10 x WMH, 10 x Cherry pickers, 10 x IW. 5 x Foundation Cadence Burpees

THE THANG: Mosey to midfield where a glow stick triangle was waiting — the Compound Triangle!! Bear crawl to cone 1, 1 x Merkin. Then lungewalk to cone 2, 1 x burpee. Mosey to cone 3, 1 x jump squat. Repeato, adding one rep each round up to 10 reps per exercise — although we made it to 6.

Next, mosey to just past centerfield where a pair of concrete blocks awaited the PAX. One PAX calls an exercise, then moves with the two blocks down and back (50-ish yds).

Pax moved through exercises, leading the count and crushing the workout. Last round was burpees. Because they’re awesome.

MARY: Mary. 25 x Flutter Kicks, 25 x Hello Dollies, 50 x LBCs, 15 x American Twists and 15 x Freddie Mercury’s.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Corn Hole tourney this weekend. The Grunt coming on Vets Day weekend.

COT: For the ears of the Compound PAX only. 👊

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