20 yard crawls

DATE: 2022-10-28
AO: F3Capital-News
Q: Lonestar
PAX: Rocketman, Stewie, Tron, Chasqui, Yellow Jacket, Passport FNGs: None
WARMUP: jog field, SSH, Michael Phelps, arm circles, butt kickers, high knees
THE THANG: 20 yd bear crawl or crab walk (alternate). 1st to cross line = 5 merkins, 2nd = 4 merkins, everyone else 3 merkins. As group, squats (alternate between reg squats, lunge squats, jump squats) & abs (alt between V up, flutter, Freddie mercury’s, big boys, American hammer). Repeat down field. At goal line, jog back, water, repeat! MARY:

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