who loves burpees, merkins, lunges, Bonnie Blair’s?

DATE: 2022-10-13
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Disco, Trolley, Hard Knox, XL
FNGs: None
WARMUP: ascending ladder of burpees, ssh, merkins, lunges, Bonnie Blair’s, and squats 1-10 each and a mosey to Costco.
THE THANG: continuation from warm up, block dips, more dips with single leg lift, step ups, tempo Freddy Mercury, stair climb, light line painting, irkins, ramp crab walks up and down forward and backwards, reverse lunges and sprint.
MARY: Frankenstein, and lieutenant Damn 2 single leg lunges each side and a squat walking across the parking lot, mosey back, and high knees to the cars. ANNOUNCEMENTS: meal packing event at Calvary UMC this Sunday at 11
COT: it’s not easy doing hard stuff. best to just charge into it and work. it’s not usually that bad…or it is…either way, you get through it and come out stronger at the end.

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