Horizon Open

DATE: 2022-10-10
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: citrus, Kodiak, Median, Poe
FNGs: Attaché, Gerkin
WARMUP: SSH, R Walker, M humpers, C pickers, WMH, worlds great stretch, fellowship lap
THE THANG: 1 group coupons while the other plays the hole on the mosey. Flapjack. 1st Hole – Center circle. Coupon: side step curls
2nd: lacrosse Goal; rows
3rd: back to starting goal; kettlebell swings
Switch from golf to frisbee golf
4th: out; overhead coupon lunge walk
5th: across; Murder bunnies
6th: back; 3 step coupon squat
Switch back to golf
7th: goal; Merkins/gravediggers;blockees
8th: lacrosse goal; t stabilizer, pull throughs
MARY: x rays, j Lo, flutters

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