Virginia Fox Chase

DATE: 2022-10-05
AO: Compound
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Popeyes, Yardbird, Peanuts, NAFTA, Hightower
FNGs: Simba, Crack from F3 Wheaton
WARMUP: SSH. Good mornings, arm circles, WMH, cherry pickers, merkins

THE THANG: warm up lap followed by a rude catch me if you can.

Burpees are the entry starting with 10 and descending to 1.

Variations on these themes.

Partner A lunge walk, partner B 10 burpees then bear crawl to chase down…run to end of soccer field and switch. Chases involved broad jumps, crab walks, lunges, backward runs, etc.

Made our way down to 1 burpee head start sprint.

MARY: OH arm claps, merkins, calf raises
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grunt coming up.
COT: Tom Kippur reminder to forgive. Grace and forgiveness are the most powerful force

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