Garage Days Re-revisited

DATE: 2022-10-04
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: 2 percent, Hard Knox, Maj. Payne, Lazlo, Fairweather, bogey, Ice Tea FNGs: DR PAX Crack (F3 Wheaton)
WARMUP: Jog to parking garage, passing two slamballs on the way. This was only moderately successful. Followed by SSH, IW, Hillbilles, WMH, Don Quixote, and sundry other warmup exercises.


* Ricky bobby lap around the parking garage keeping the slamballs at the front and the back
* 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 10 reps (Mountain Man Poopers, Tuck Jumps, Monkey Humpers, Toe Touch SSH)
* Ricky Bobby lap around the parking garage, passing the slam balls to the back and sprinting them to the front
* 4 rounds, 4 exercises, 10 reps (Mountain Climbers, Calf Raises, Bonnie Blairs, Merkins)

PART 2: Split into teams of 3 to do parking ramp races
* Round 1: Bear crawl down and back
* Round 2: Crawl bear down and back

MARY: Flutter kicks, Toy soldiers, Dying cockaroach, American soldiers, WWI, Penguin taps, Freddie mercuries, Nolan Ryans, Crunchy frogs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Try posting to a new AO – you’ll meet new people and expand your perspective. Also, if F3 has been good for you, it’ll probably be good for someone else you know – EH someone for the next workout.

COT: From “Growth Mindset” by Carolyn Dwyer: “Growth mindset describes a way of viewing challenges and setbacks. People who have a growth mindset believe that even if they struggle with certain skills, their abilities aren’t set in stone. They think that with work, their skills can improve over time.” We encounter this ourselves, and, if you have them, with our kids as well. Approach the day with a growth mindset instead of a fixed one, and see what’s possible.

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